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Confederate Veterans Monument - Jeffersonville, GA 

UPDATE!! We're very pleased and thankful to report that the Twiggs County Confederate monument is now located on the courthouse lawn where it always should have been. Many thanks to the Sidney Lanier Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), the Georgia UDC, BG Edward Dorr Tracey Camp SCV, The Camp of the Unknown Soldier, Georgia Division SCV, Clark Memorials and others for making this happen. There are still plans to repair the broken rifle on the soldier, but for now the monument is located in a safe place and no longer in danger of collapse.

Twiggs County Monument
Earlier in 2014

Confederate Monument - Jeffersonville, GA

Twiggs County Monument
After relocation to county courthouse lawn December 2014

Relocated monument, Jeffersonville, GA

The Confederate Monument to Twiggs County Confederate Veterans (and all Confederate Veterans) was previously located in an inappropriate location next to a fried chicken eatery. 

See the 2003  photographs below  as well as the names of Twiggs veterans and a message from Russ Huffman below.

Twiggs County Monument
Customers of the fried chicken eatery frequently use the pedestal as a picnic table and leave their trash and food scraps on the monument.

Confederate Monument - Jeffersonville, GA

Twiggs County Monument
Note the rifle broken off, all that remains is the muzzle in the hands of the soldier and the rifle butt at the feet of the soldier as shown by arrows.

Vandalized Soldier with broken rifle, Jeffersonville, GA

Dedicated by the UDC in 1911 to the Slappey Guards and the Faulk Invincibles

Company E, 26th GA Infantry
Faulk Invincibles (Twiggs County)

Company G, 48th GA Infantry
Slappey Guards (Twiggs County)

The names and note from Russ Huffman below appeared as a full-page ad in the Twiggs County newspaper, The Twiggs Times New Era, on May 6, 2004.

Confederate Veterans of Twiggs County

Adkins Calvin
Adkins John H.
Adkins F. H.
Adkins Henry H.
Adkins Lewis
Alexander Franklin
Alexander Samuel
Anderson Lawrence W.
Anderson Christopher C.
Anderson Daniel
Andrews Isham G.
Andrews Robin
Andrews J. B.
Andrews Thomas H.
Andrews John C.
Andrews Joseph B.
Ard Andrew J.
Ard George W.
Ard James W.
Ard Henry
Ard John
Ard Thomas
Ard William F.
Arnold George F.
Arnold William H.
Arrington Robert H.
Arrington Thomas
Asbell Andrew W.
Asbell John Lewis
Asbell Stephen F.
Asbell George R.
Averett Robert F.
Balkcom LaFayette
Balkcom W. T.
Balkcom Bryant W.
Balkcom William J.
Banks John R.
Barclay John A.
Barclay Francis Sterling
Barclay William D.
Barnes James
Barrentine William
Barrington James
Barrington Wilson B.
Batchelor John W.
Batchelor Richard J.
Bateman Green Wood
Bateman Robert W.
Beall William
Beckcom A. F.

Belcher Robert L.
Bennett Felix
Bennett Lewis
Berry Thomas A.
Birdsong Robert
Birdsong Benjamin F.
Birdsong John J.
Blackshear David
Blackshear Isaac D.
Blackshear William
Blalock Sanders
Blalock William J.
Bobbett Joseph
Bobbett William J.
Bobbitt Thomas
Bond Thomas John
Bond Warren R.
Boone Robert H.
Bowden William W.
Boynton Sidney H.
Bozeman J. William W.
Bridger Benjamin H.
Brown James N.
Brown George W.
Bryan Clem
Bryant George Thomas
Bullard Charles
Bullard Henry H.
Bullard Ira
Bullard Wiley
Bunn Henry
Bunn Judson S.
Burch Joseph E.
Burkett Asa
Burkett Solomon
Burkett Joseph U.
Bush Moses H.
Calhoun Branson D.
Cannon James
Carter Charles H.
Champion E. F.
Chance William B.
Chance William C.
Chapman John C.
Chapman John Iverson
Chapman William M.
Chisolm Albert F.
Chitty William J.
Chitty Nathan G.
Churchwell William

Clance John
Clance Reuben M.
Clance Wiley
Clance William H.
Clarke Henry J.
Coley John B.
Coley Richard H.
Coley W. H.H.
Collins Acrael J.
Collins Ethridge
Collins Jacob
Collins James Durham
Collins John 0.
Collins Levin M.
Cook George W.
Coombs James T .
Coombs William H.
Cottingham Timon
Cranford Lewis M.
Cranford James Lewis
Cranford James T.
Cranford Lewis F .
Cranford William J.
Cranford Benjamin
Cranford James
Cranford John
Cranford Stephen
Cranford Washington
Cranford William F .
Cranford James Martin
Cranford William
Cranford James Martin
Crocker William H.
Crocker Evans L.
Crocker Ezekiel W.
Crocker D. Early
Crosby A. G.
Crosby George
Crosby Tilmon D.
Daniel Aaron
Daniel Moses
Darlington James W.
Davidson Aaron
Davidson James
Davis John
Davis Andrew J.
Davis Daniel D.
Davis Jonathan
Davis Wiley W.
Davis Henry

Davis Lewis
Day William F.
Day James
DeFore Hiram
Dennington Charles
Denson Elias J.
Denson John Berrien
Denson Tillman S.
Denson Joel J.
Donnally Patrick
Durden Kennedy B.
Dye William M.
Dyer John D.
Dyer Thomas
Dyer William
Dykes J. D.
Edmonds William A.
Edwards Washington
Ellis James D.
Ellis Mathew A.
Ellis John B.
Ellison James B.M.
English J. M.
Epps Willis E.
Epps Edward C.
Epps John J.
Epps Daniel T.
Epps El bert D.
Evans H. Jackson
Evans Daniel
Evans Robert
Evans William N.
Evans John S.
Evans William C.
Evans H. Jackson
Evans James F.
Evans Robert H.
Everett John Barrett
Everett Floyd
Farmer Gabriel M.
Flowers Martin
Floyd Everett
Floyd E. M.
Floyd Henry
Floyd William F.
Folsom James M.
Fountain John H.
Fowler John T.
Fowler Michael A.
Fowler Samuel Robert


Frasure C. E.
Gardner John L.
Gilmore George W.
Glover George R.
Glover John T .
Glover William Walker
Goodman William
Gorman J. B.
Grantham Henry G.
Green Thomas
Green Robert
Green Wesley
Griffin Eli Shorter
Hammerick William J.
Hammock Haywood
Hammock Albert
Hammock John
Hammock J.
Hammock William J.
Hammock John A.
Hardee James
Hardee James M.
Hardin Martin L.
Hardy William B.
Harrell William H.
Harrison William J.
Harrison John H.A.
Harrison J. H.
Hasty Henry C.
Hasty Josiah W.
Haywood William H.
Hearn John
Hearn Josiah W.
Hearn William J.
Hearn Willis
Henderson Brady
Henderson Ephraim
Henderson John
Henson Elam Jr .
Henson William H.
Henson Tillman
Herrin David
Herring Arthur A.
Herring James C.
Herrington Obediah A.
Hill Jacob Y.
Hill John
Hill Needham
Hitson Henry
Hodges James W.

Holland James B.
Holliday Thomas H.
Horton Isaac J.
Horton John
Howell Wright S.
Howell Henry
Howell John M.
Howington John C.
Hudson William M.
Hughes El bert W.
Hughes John Thomas
Ives Daniel K.
James George W.
Jarvis Daniel W.
Jarvis William
Jessup Benjamin
Jessup Samuel
Jessup John H.
Johnson Francis M.
Johnson Kinchen J.
Johnston Daniel H.
Johnston John S.
Jones Joel D.
Jones Stephen
Jones Archibald Baldwin
Kendrick William M.
Kennington Hiram
Kennington James
Kennington John
Kennington William G.
Kent James Elbert
King Thomas M.
Kitchens David H.
Kitchens John F.
Kitchens William L.
LaGrange Eugene
Lamb Andrew J.
Lamb Arthur
Lamb Samuel D.
Lamb Thomas R.
Lamb William F.
Lamb Benjamin
Lamb H. C.
Lamb William D.
Lamb William E.
Land Jesse
Land John C.
Land Newton
Lane William B.
Lanier Alexander

Lanier Avery
Latson Francis Marion
Lavarre Robert J.
Lee William H.
Lee Needham S.
Lee George W.
Lee Benjamin F.
Lewis Whitfield
Linton John W.
Lipsey James W.
Lockhart James
Lord Jesse M.
Lowe Franklin
Lowe Thomas A.
Lowe John
Lowe Reuben
Loyless Henry M.
Lyles John H.
Lyles William Frank
Lyles William D.
Maddox William
Majors Solomon
Manning Kennedy G.
Manning Henry H.
Mansel Edmund
Marchman Irby H.
Martin John
Martin E. Branton
Martin Green B.
Martin Henry M.
Martin Hiram J.
Martin James W.
Martin John M.
Martin William F.
Martin Joseph
Mathis William D.
Maxwell John T.
Maxwell Joseph
McCarthy Peter
McConnel1 L. S.
McConnel1 Richard M.
McCoy James M.
McCoy Warren S.
McCrady James Henry
McCrea Benjamin G.
McCrea Thomas E.
McCrea John A.
McDonald John E.
McGee William K.
McLean D. N.

McMillan Milton
McWilliams Simeon
Meadows James
Meadows Peter C.
Meeks William F.
Mellana Martin
Melton Jasper
Melton Daniel B.
Melton Jasper H.
Methvin William F.
Mims William H.
Mims David
Mohton Lewis M.
Moore George John
Moore Henry
Moore Tillman R.
Moore George
Moore John T.
Moore P. T.
Morton Charles G.
Murphy M. N.
Myers Abraham D.
Myers Joshua
Myers Martin S.
Nash Edwin A.
Nash Linton A.
Neal Moses
Nelson Jared M.
Nelson Franklin C.
Nelson John
Nelson Daniel N.
Newberry James
Newberry Levi
New by Josiah
Nichols Raney
Nichols Yancy
Nobles Bryant E.
Nobles Willis
Nolan Patrick
Norris Isaac
Norris Isiah B.
O'Brien Francis T.
O'Neal Obediah
O'Neal Thomas
Pace William H.
Pace William H.
Parker Benjamin
Parker Henry
Passmore Robert
Pate Elijah


Pate Isaac
Paul Robert W.
Paul James R.
Pearce Theophilus A.
Pearson Franklin F.
Pettis William J.
Pettis William M.
Phillips William T.
Price Franklin
Proctor Thomas
Proctor Witt
Pruett James F.
Puckett James W.
Puckett John E.B.
Radford James L.
Rasberry Sanders
Read Joseph Alexander
Read Russell Floyd
Read William Hamilton
Reynolds James M.
Reynolds John
Rhodes William H.
Rice Ulysses A.
Richardson Edmond A.
Rickerson John P.
Roberts William H.H.
Robertson Thomas Jefferson
Rodgers James M.
Rodgers Joseph
Rogers Stephen
Rogers John
Rogers Peter
Rooks William J.
Ryle Coates
Ryle David J.
Sanders Jeremiah
Sandiford George W.
Sandiford Henry J.
Sandiford Joseph J.
Sandiford James A.
Sapp Jesse
Sauls Theophilus
Sauls K. Y.
Sessions Abner D.
Shine John F.
Shockley A. J.
Sketoe William S.
Slappey Mathew E.
Slappey Robert R.
Smallwood Wilkinson

Smith John
Smith George
Smith Thomas
Smith H. D.
Smith Henry J.
Smith John Thomas
Solomon Hartwell L.
Solomon Marcus E.
Solomon John W.
Solomon Ruffin A.
Southall Benjamin F.
Stafford Joshua
Stafford Joshua C.
Steely William B.
Stevens Hartley
Stevens Josiah
Taylor Seaborn
Taylor Charnick
Taylor Richard A.
Tharpe Simeon
Tharpe M. A.
Tharpe Alexander C.
Tharpe Charnick
Tharpe Judson
Thompson Heywood
Thompson Thomas
Thompson Tucker
Thompson Cordor
Tidwell John
Tidwell Roland T.
Tidwell Jonathan
Tyson Henry
Vandiver William T.
Vann Appling
Vann Reuben
Vann Edward
Vaughn George L.
Vinson Benjamin
Vinson John P.
Vinson Joseph
Wade Doc
Wall James B.
Wall Trussel Claybourne
Wall William B.
Waiters J. A.J.
Ward James Horace
Ward Patrick H.
Ward Thomas
Warren Thomas Abner
Watts Henry S.

Welch Elisha
West John W.
West Reuben
West Henry
Wester Hezekiah
White Nelson C.
White William
Whitehead Henry J.
Whitehead Romaldo R.
Whitehead Henry J.
Whitfield Lewis
Wilkinson John W.
Williams Franklin
Williams Allen
Williams Benjamin
Williams John W.
Williams Joseph
Williams John
Williams Jesse
Williams Thomas
Willingham D. S.
Wimberly Frederick D.
Wimberly Edward
Wimberly Fred D.
Wimberly Fred E.
Wimberly George E.
Wimberly John L.
Witt James S.
Wood John L.
Wood Phillip J.
Wynne Haywood H.
Wynne Alcanon R.
Wynne Needham W.
Wyse Joseph W.
Yearty David H.
Yeomans Ashford
Young John
Young John B.
Zachry William T.
**End List**
**Not 100% complete**

Five Confederate Flags

Sons of Confederate Veterans - click for info
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Click for more info

You probably recognize most of the last names on this list above. Look through the Jeffersonville phonebook and you'll see many of them. These are names of soldiers who served with the Confederate States of America during the War for Southern Independence. These men are honored on the monument that now stands across the railroad tracks from the Twiggs County Courthouse.

These brave men, many of whom are your ancestors, marched off to war leaving their wives, children, families, and possessions. Some were gone from home for four years or more. Some returned maimed or crippled for the rest of their life. Some never made it back to Georgia soil. They suffered and died to protect their homeland and to preserve a free and independent republic, a republic of sovereign states that would control their own destiny, a republic where an all-powerful, central, federal government did not exist. These men were much like our present-day soldiers who have left all behind to go to Iraq and defend our home and principles. The politics of their government are inconsequential. They were called to duty and they answered. The Monument to Confederate Soldiers honors the men, the individuals that did their duty and marched off to war. It does not represent any government or ideology. These men, like all veterans, deserve to be honored.

The monument has been in the same location since 1911. At that time there were no businesses encroaching on the site, but over time, the monument's location has become unsuitable. Vandals have done their work on the statue, and weeds grow in the cracks between the stones. Just across the tracks is a newly- renovated Courthouse with ample grounds to relocate the memorial to its rightful place of honor. All it takes is a "go-ahead" from the Twiggs County Commissioners. Not one penny of tax money will be used. The relocation cost will be borne solely by contributions.

Don't your ancestors deserve better than this? Call your County Commissioners (numbers above) and demand that the monument be allowed on the Courthouse grounds. Sign a petition to that effect. Show up at the Commissioners office in mass when the next meeting concerning the monument is held. Help beautify downtown Jeffersonville by making right this disgrace we have endured for so long.

Please sign the petition at Napa Auto Parts in Jeffersonville or call Russ Huffman at 478-945-3031. You may also call Russ if you see an ancestor on this list and would like more information concerning his service record or if you want information on joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  ---Russ Huffman

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