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Company "E", 57th Regiment
Georgia Volunteer Infantry

EDITORS NOTE: Capt. C.H. Richardson, 1st Sgt. S.S. Mims, and numerous other men in this company transferred from Company C - Beauregard Volunteers - 6th Georgia Infantry, also from Houston County.

Captain .. C. H. Richardson 1st Lieut. . I. H. Branham, promoted to Capt. 2nd Lieut. ..W. J. Anderson, Jr.
3rd Lieut. . John Harper 1st Sergt. ..S. S. Mims 2nd Sergt. ... V. A. Harvey
3rd Sergt... Frank Murray 4th Sergt. .. A. J. Hardison 5th Sergt. ..S. E. Austin
1st Corp. ...Sam Harris 2nd Corp. ...David Hiley 3rd Corp. ...H. C. Harris
4th Corp. ...B. F. Avera William Alger D. Ansley
T. Arnold D. Avera G. Avera
G. H. Avera William Avera J. Barnett
B. Bateman D. Bateman F. Bateman
L. Boler A. Booker J. Booker
T. Booker J. Bowers Robert Braswell
Sam Braswell Willie Braswell B. Brookins
G. Brookins H. Cheeves J. Churchill
A. Dawson Martin Luther Day
Descendant Chris Day placed memorial brick at Cliett Cemetery
E. Dinkins
K. Dinkins J. Drew T. Drew
A. English I. English J. English
Joe English William English J. A. Everett
H. P. Everett J. Fretwell D. Fuller
J. Clover C. Green T. Gurr
J. Hammock A. Hardison T. Hardison
E. Hartley G. Hartley J. Hayes
Ro. Holcombe William Holley G. Hollingshead
William Hollingshead F. Horne M. W. Johnson
R. P. Johnson A. Jones P. Kennedy
A. Lee A. Lightfoot R. Lightfoot
B. Long J. R. Mathews J. McCallum
J. McCrackin C. Moore I. N. Murph
A. Murray J. Murray M. Murray
S. Napier G. B. Plant W. Rowland
B. W. Sanford J. Simmons A. Shores
C. Sledge G. Sledge J. Sledge
William Sloane M. E. Sperry Jim Stark
T. Timmons J. Walden D. Walker
S. Warren R. Wilder A. Woods

57th Georgia Regiment Info

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57th Infantry Regiment [also called 54th Regiment] was organized during the spring of 1862. Many of its members were recruited in Troup, Peach, Montgomery, and Oconee counties. This unit served in East Tennessee and Kentucky, then moved to Mississippi where it was assigned to T.H. Taylor's Brigade in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. It fought at Champion's Hill and was captured in July, 1863, at Vicksburg. Exchanged and placed in General Mercer's and J.A. Smith's Brigade, the 57th was active in many conflicts from Resaca to Bentonville. During the Atlanta Campaign, from July 20 to September 1, it reported 54 casualties and in December, 1864, totaled 120 effectives. Only a remnant surrendered on April 26, 1865. Colonel William Barkuloo, Lieutenant Colonel Cincinnatus S. Guyton, and Major John W. Shinholser were in command.


Lt. James T. Woodward Camp 1399 - Sons of Confederate Veterans - Warner Robins, Georgia
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